By Ernie J. Zelinski
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Welcome to The Retirement Café where you get the best retirement advice for the twenty-first century and retirement information that you won't get from your financial advisor.

Someone once said, "Life begins when the kids move out and the cat gets run over." Today, for many people that is when they reach retirement age.

This website addresses the "new retirement" including topics such as why you should retire early, where to retire, how to preserve retirement savings, how to generate retirement income, how to find fun retirement jobs, and how to get involved in fun retirement activities.

The purpose of The Retirement Café is to help the retired and the soon-to-be retired to better understand their lifetime aspirations, to help them minimize the complexity and uncertainty associated with retirement, and to allow them to concentrate on what matters most in retirement planning.

Above all The Retirement Café is about how to retire happy, wild, and free.

Top-10 Dumbest Retirement Moves

  1. Purchasing a larger home than you need or than you can afford
  2. Watching a lot of TV — more than an hour and a half a day is excessive!
  3. Gambling
  4. Spending a lot of time shopping
  5. Complaining about life
  6. Being afraid to spend the kid's inheritance
  7. Being a miser with your money
  8. Planning to work forever — something NOT advocated in The World's Best Retirement Book.
  9. Neglecting your health by not indulging in vigorous physical exercise every day
  10. Not making new friendships and neglecting old friends 

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Retirement Resources and Articles Coming Soon

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