By Ernie J. Zelinski
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Useful Retirement Resources to Help You Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

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    Retirement Resources: A Directory of 101 Best Retirement Websites and Blogs That Will Help Retirees Retire Richer, Smarter, and Happier
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    Best Retirement Books Recommended by The Retirement Café Including The Joy of Not Working and How to Retire Happy Wild and Free
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    Retirement Job and Retirement Business Resources Recommended by The Retirement Cafe: Here are a variety of retirement job resources available today that target older workers:
  • Retirement Health Resources
    Retirement Health Resources Recommended by the Retirement Cafe: When money is lost, a little is lost. When time is lost, much more is lost. When health is lost, practically everything is lost. And when creative spirit is lost, there is nothing left.
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    Retirement Gifts Recommended by The Retirement Café: When we think of giving retirement gifts to our friends, colleagues, or ourselves, we usually think of giving physical objects. There are many retirement gifts that are much better, however.
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    Retirement Letters at The Retirement Cafe: How to Write a Retirement Letter Including sample retirement letters and a retirement letter template

Retirement Quotes for Smart People

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Retirement Resources Book

 The World's Best Retirement Resources Book 

can change your life forever.

If you have now attained your retirement number and have ever longed to have more, to experience more, to BE MORE in retirement - than you have ever been any other time in your life - then this book gives you the best chance you will ever have.

International best-selling Ernie Zelinski gives you the keys to a bigger, better, and brighter life in his inspirational and empowering book . . . How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free.

Retiring is easy. Staying retired happy - now that is the key to a successful retirement!

Page after delightful page, this is what you will find in The World's Best Retirement Book:  

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free  . . . gives you:

  • Important advice on how to choose satisfying leisure activities so that you don't require a million dollars to retire happily

  • Special practical exercises to help awaken you to what leisure activities will turn you on in your retirement  

  • The encouragement you need to retire early and live life the way it was meant to be lived 

  • Valuable tools such as The Get-a-Life Tree to create a retirement plan filled with satisfying leisure activities  

  • Life changing insights and real-life examples of how people are enjoying retirement

  • Proof that you are created to succeed at retirement life beyond anything you can imagine

Your true nature is to retire happy, wild, and free. Never lose touch with it. You will, however, if you are not careful. The way to ensure that you have a happy retirement is to have a copy of The World's Best Retirement Book by Ernie Zelinski available at your fingertips.


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The Joy of Not Working

Retirement Activities Book 

A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked - by Ernie J. Zelinski

The Joy of Not Working will help you start living life like you have never lived before - recession or no recession!

The Joy of Not Working is all about learning to live every part of your life - employment, unemployment, retirement, and leisure time alike - to the fullest. You too can join the thousands of converts and learn to thrive at both work and play. Illustrated by eye-opening exercises, thought-provoking diagrams, and lively cartoons and quotations, The Joy of Not Working will guide you to enjoy life like never before.

If you have a job, The Joy of Not Working is about how to thrive at work by being more leisurely. If you are unemployed, the book will help you be happier than most people who have jobs, simply because happiness is a matter of choice, whether you have a job or not. If you are retired, The Joy of Not Working will help you find just as much purpose - even more - as you had in your career life.

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